Sunday, October 31, 2010

sky test 2

um.. yeah, I admit that the digital tool is easier to depict detailed.
I've finished my thumbnails with gouache, yet they didn't come out well..
So sad we can't use a digital tool for our thumbnails, of course for final one neither.


  1. working with digital is just dumb!!!!!!! wayyyy better to practice with gouache or any actual paint! digital coloring is pretty fun for thumbnail maybe but your sky looks way better anyway. lol great stuff!!

  2. i wish i could just adjust the contrast/colors of traditional painting with photoshop T___T .. but good job ~!

  3. Yeah.. I agree with you eusong. Exercise with traditional tools will be practically helpful to improve my painting skills. They are much more fun also. :D Anyway, thanks for ur advice.

    Me toooooooooo Angela ㅜㅜㅜ Giving contrast on traditional paintings is really difficult !! Well you can scan them and adjust its contrast or colours though.
    Anyway thanks !